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To provide the best and most efficient service to all of my valued clients,
there are some Terms & Conditions in place so that you're able to receive the best possible experience.

Should you have any questions, please do not hesitate to get in touch.


As I am self-employed, I may only be at the salon when I have appointments booked
so clients will need to contact me to arrange an appointment to guarantee that I will be there.
I always try my best to accommodate the times and dates that clients need so
please do not hesitate to get in touch to see what I can do.
I am now offering video calls if clients would like to meet and have a chat before they book any treatments.



Appointments can be made by emailtext, call, Facebook, Instagram, and via my online booking system.

If there is no space available online,
I recommend getting in touch as I may have additional space, however, this is not always guaranteed. 

To ensure that I can fit clients in at a time that is convenient for them,
I recommend they book their next appointment or few more before they leave their appointment.

Deposits are required to secure the date and time of all treatments at the time of booking.
Clients can find out more about the Deposit Terms & Conditions by clicking here.

As I operate an online booking system, clients will receive a reminder of their appointment. 72 hours and 24 hours prior by text and email.
If clients are not sure when their appointment is they should contact me as early as possible to prevent charges being made.

I require all clients to complete a consultation form prior to their first visit.
It is the client's responsibility to specify any medical history and medications so I can ensure suitability for treatment. 

Nails - Unfortunately, I cannot treat infected nails such as fungal. The client should contact their GP for advice.
I do not remove other nail technician's work. This is due to not knowing which product was used, the condition of the nails underneath and not being covered my insurance provider to do so. Please can clients have all work completed by another tech removed before attending their appointment with me otherwise they wil
l lose any deposits paid and may be charged for the full treatment to cover loss of business.

If clients have not had a treatment with me before they will be required to complete the relevant consultation forms online before their visit which will be emailed to them. These will need to be completed
at least 48 hours prior to their treatment along with any patch tests that may need to be carried out so that
I can ensure that suitability for treatment is met and the client won't face any cancellation charges.


All new clients and existing clients who have not had a particular treatment before or in the last 6 months since their last treatment or patch test, will be required to pop in for a patch test at least 24-48 hours prior to their appointment.
A patch test is required even if the same treatment has been done
elsewhere using the same products.
Please understand that patch tests are carried out for your wellbeing and safety as this is my upmost priority.


Treatments requiring patch tests: Lash Extensions, Lash Lift and/or Tint, Henna Brow Tint and Brow Tint. 
If clients would like a patch test for any other treatment I would be more than happy to help with this
i.e. gel polish, waxing or makeup. 

I accept cash, debit & credit card (including contactless) Apple & Android watch payments,
and BACS. Clients can also pay for their treatment prior to their appointment using their debit or credit card
via SumUp's electronic invoicing system.


Warren's is an independent salon which is home to 2 other businesses as well as mine
therefore there is limited space. I 
may require clients to wait away from the premises until I'm ready to see them if you arrive early.
Please do not bring extra guests to your appointment unless they are having a treatment also or are a carer. This includes bringing children and babies. Extra guests may be asked to leave and return later.

In line with my deposit terms and conditions - clients will need to give me the notice specified if cancellations or lateness occurs.
I understand that in certain situations cancellations or lateness simply cannot be avoided
and will try my best to come to an agreement with clients.

My deposit and cancellation policy has been designed so that I am covered for the time taken to arrange your appointment as well as prepare for it. I would like to remind clients that by booking an appointment, they are reserving my time in advance to guarantee it. 

48 hours notice the deposit can be transferred.
24 hours notice the deposit will be kept.

Cancelling on the day the deposit will be kept and you will be required to pay the remaining amount(s) for your treatment(s).

 If clients do not give me any notice at all that they will not be able to attend your appointment nor do they arrive to their appointment, I reserve the right to charge clients the full amount for the treatment(s) they were booked for.
As I hope clients can understand, my time is reserved for them and their treatment in advance so when I am faced with a no-show it is a big loss in both time, money and potential disappointment for another client. 

If clients have changed their mind about having the initial treatment they booked and they'd like one that is of less value, please inform me at least 48 hours prior otherwise clients will be charged full price for loss of business. 



I offer a 100% guarantee my work, so if for any reason clients are dissatisfied, they are to contact me immediately
before attempting to fix themselves or going to another professional. 
I will need to see clients or photos of the problem in order to help resolve the issue for them. 


Special offers and discounts can be found on this website, social media pages such as Facebook and Instagram,
advertised on flyers or via email which are for a definitive period ONLY. 
Once the offer period has ended the treatment reverts to it's normal price unless stated.

If clients are going to/have paid for services and/or products using my invoice method,
they agree to the following terms & conditions as well as the rest on this webpage.

If clients are paying for a booking, deposit or gift voucher using this method, they will need to make payment before the appointment is confirmed or gift voucher is produced. 

It is not possible to use this method of payment after the booking or gift voucher has been carried out/produced.


All gift vouchers are valid for 6 months from the date of issue.
Expired gift vouchers hold no value and I reserve the right to refuse them.
Gift vouchers for any monetary amounts cannot be exchanged once they have been issued/paid for. 
All gift vouchers including raffle-won/charity donated can be used to put towards the cost
of a higher costing treatment if desired.  All gift vouchers are non-refundable once issued.

I regularly donate gift vouchers and/or products to good causes for raffling and is more than happy to do so.
Please get in touch if you are in need of donations for your cause/fundraising event.

From time to time, I may have to increase my prices if my suppliers increase theirs.
All prices are subject to change, and may be different from older price lists, other online platforms or promotional posters.
The most current prices can always be found on this website and on the Fresha booking system.


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