Rose Quartz

Length – 6-9mm | Band width – 27mm

Your lash look – natural, understated, enhance your natural look, false doesn’t have to look fake
Your look – radiant, fresh faced, glowing skin
Your type – you want to the world to ask, “are those real?”


🐰️ 100% Cruelty-free & Vegan

- Each kit contains 1x pair of Magnetic Eyelashes, Black Magnetic Eyeliner and Cleansing Oil
- Vegan & Cruelty-Free.
- 30+ Wears.

- Safe to wear with contact lenses.
- Kinder to eyes than traditional lash glue.
No Clumps, No Mess, No Latex.
- Easy to apply in under 2 minutes.
- Wind & Waterproof.
- Powered by 6 mini magnets on the lash band.
- 'Clicks' into place on contact with eyeliner.
- Easy to remove using the cleansing oil included. Strictly to remove eyeliner from eyelids only.

🙅‍♀️ Did you know that lash glue is THE most toxic item in your make up bag? 🙅‍♀️

Lola's Lashes are the UK No.1 'No Glue' Lash brand and we believe that clean beauty should apply to your lashes too!


🐇 100% Vegan and Cruelty Free, Lola's Magnetic Lashes and Adhesive Eyeliners are safe and easy to use. Unlike other lash brands they have not and will never stock mink lashes - just like Emilie, Lola loves their fur babies way too much to wear them!


Their unique premium liner formulas are the best on the market providing the most secure hold and longest wear for stunning lash looks that last 24+ hours and can stay put through wind and rain.

Changing your lashes should be as easy as changing your fashion and Lola's Lashes are the perfect alternative to expensive and semi-permanent lash extensions. Just swap out your magnetic lashes in a snap!


Rose Quartz Magnetic Eyelash Kit

  • What are the lashes made from?
    They're  made from premium synthetic silk. No animal products are used in the manufacturing of Lola's lashes.

    How long should I let the magnetic eyeliner dry for?
    Allow the magnetic eyeliner to completely dry then apply the lashes. We recommend to do a dry test before popping the lash on. Apply a second layer for extra hold!

    How long do the magnetic lashes and eyeliner last?
    Lola's Lashes magnetic lashes last up to 30 all-day wears and our magnetic eyeliner lasts up to 60 uses.

    Can I use mascara with the eyelashes?
    Normally it's not advised to usemascara if you are going for a more natural look. However, mascara can help blend the false eyelashes with your own eyelashes. Please be aware that using mascara may affect the longevity of your lashes. If you do decide to use mascara with the lashes, be sure to use a non-oil based mascara.

    How do I clean the lashes?
    To remove magnetic eyeliner use some fine point tweezers to gently pull away from the magnets. You can use a non-oil based cleanser to remove any dirt or makeup residue, however do not saturate them.

    How do I Lola's Lashes magnetic eyeliner?
    It couldn't be simpler! Use our cleansing oil along with a cotton bud or pad and swipe along your upper lash-line until the eyeliner is gone.You can use any oil-based makeup remover to remove Lola's Lashes magnetic eyeliner. Do not use the cleansing oil to clean the eyelashes. Please remove any excess liner from the eyelashes with a non-oil based cleanser.

    My eyelids are oily
    Top tip: For oily lids, please cleanse the eye area and ensure it is completely dry. Then apply a setting non-oil based eye primer. This will ensure that your lashes have a much better grip.

    My eyelashes are too long
    All eyes are different and this is why we design our eyelashes long enough to suit all eye widths. If your eyelashes are too wide for your eyes, using scissors, please carefully cut the ends of the lashes down to the outer most magnet. You can do this on both sides.We also offer our Rose Quartz lashes which are more suitable for people with smaller eyes. They are only 27mm wide in comparison to the other styles which are 32mm.

    Are the magnetic lashes safe for the eyes?
    The magnets we use are very small and do not possess anywhere near the power required to pose a risk to any body part, including your eyes. There has been extensive testing conducted on the effect of magnetic lashes on the eyes and research shows that there are absolutely no risks associated with prolonged use.

    I'm getting an MRI scan, can I wear magnetic eyelashes and eyeliner?
    Please do not wear magnetic eyelashes or eyeliner during an MRI scan. This can cause harm to your skin.

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