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- Depending on your skin type and condition,
Emilie may ask you start incorporating certain products into your skincare routine
on the lead up to your appointment. This will provide the best results for you.
Great makeup starts with great skincare.

- Please arrive with a makeup-free face.
 This will ensure that Emilie has enough time do to your makeup and has the best canvas to work on, achieving the best results for you.

- Emilie will prepare your skin by cleansing, toning and moisturising before applying makeup so you do not need to worry about doing this yourself beforehand
unless you wish to. 



- If you wear contact lenses please remove them before your treatment and bring glasses to wear after your treatment.


- If possible, please do not wear eye makeup to your appointment.
This also allows the products to work much more effectively, giving you the best possible results.



- If possible, please arrive without makeup on the areas to be waxed, this includes the skin around them also. This will ensure maximum results are achieved and skin irritation is minimised.

- Please do not apply products to the areas that are to be treated before your appointment. This could cause irritation to the skin and prevent wax from adhering to the hairs properly.

Gel polish, acrylic, dip powder (SNS) and BIAB

- If you are not wearing nail enhancements that have been done by Emilie please let her know as she may need to set aside extra time to remove it for you - there is an additional charge for this unless the gel polish was applied by Emilie. 

- Please try not to bite or chew at your nails, this is easier said than done but Emilie needs maximum length to work with to ensure you receive the best results.

If you have any questions or concerns please get in touch.

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