Appointments only. Walk-ins are not available during this time. 
To book, please contact Emilie or use the online booking system.
You will need to provide Emilie with your first and last name, email address and contact number
so that she can email you the relevant forms to complete prior to your appointment.



As Emilie hope you can understand, many small businesses alike have found this year challenging.
Emilie is now having to leave even larger gaps between clients to ensure that she can safely prepare
and secure the treatment room before each client.
To keep it fair for everyone and to maximise time, Emilie will now require deposits for all bookings.
Terms & Conditions on deposits can be found by clicking here.

Beauty by Emilie is accepting new clients during this time.
All consultation forms will now be sent to you via email upon booking and MUST be filled out at least 48 hours prior. 
You may be required to fill out more than one form depending on which treatment(s) you've booked in for.
There will also be a Covid-19 questionnaire to complete 24 hours prior
to your appointment to ensure you are in good health for your visit, you are also required to inform Emilie
if there are any changes to your answers between completing the form to your appointment. 
If you have trouble accessing these or completing them, please let Emilie know so she can assist you further.

Arrive at the time of your scheduled appointment - no earlier, alone wearing your face covering.
You will be asked to sanitise your hands on arrival as well as scan the QR code on your NHS COVID-19 app
Please have this app downloaded to you smart phone prior to your visit. 
"The NHS COVID-19 app is the fastest way of knowing when you're at risk from coronavirus (COVID-19).
The quicker you know, the quicker you can alert your loved ones, and your community." 

You can find out more about the app here.

Click the relevant link to download the app:
For Apple/App Store
For Android/Google Play

If you arrive early
Please wait until the time of your appointment to arrive.

If you arrive late
Please let Emilie know if you're going to be late as she may need to reschedule you to another time.

If Emilie is running late herself
She will let you know via a text message so 
please do bring your mobile phone just in case.

- You must wear a face covering unless medically exempt or a member of staff or official advises you otherwise.
- You must attend your appointment alone - unless arranged otherwise with Emilie beforehand.
- You must sanitise your hands upon arrival.

- Avoid touching your face, eyes and mouth during your visit, if you do please sanitise your hands. 
- Obtain the 1-2 metre social distancing rule where possible when on the premises.


Food consumption on the premises is not permitted during this time.
You are welcome to bring a drink with you but please take the container home with you 
and place on the designated area during your treatment.

Electronic Devices
If you would like to use an electronic device such a mobile phone or tablet during your treatment you may be provided with products to sanitise them before using or placing on a surface. 
Otherwise, please pop into sanitised and disinfected box provided along with your other personal belongings.

All payments are preferred via contactless card payment where possible.
Emilie can also accept Apple & Android watch payments on her card machine orpayment can be made via
bank transfer or PayPal.

There is FREE Wi-Fi available for you to make online payments or you are more than welcome to pay for your treatment beforehand if preferred.  Emilie can also send you a text message or email with a link to make payment
which will require you to enter your card details.























Emilie will be wearing a face shield and Type II face mask, apron and gloves.
The face shield and apron will be fully disinfected and sanitised before and after each client - or when contaminated.
The face mask and gloves will be replaced for each client or when contaminated.
As usual, Emilie's hair will be tied back. Uniform will be kept and washed at 60°C (as always) at the salon
to avoid cross contamination going to and from the salon. This also means that Emilie will be staying at the salon from
when she arrives to set up for the first appointment to when she leaves to go home at the end of her working day.


In between each appointment, Emilie will be allowing a minimum of 20 minutes to ensure she can thoroughly clean, sanitise, tidy the room, take payment and rebook clients as well as prevent clients from 'bumping' into to each other. 

As above, Emilie will allow longer gaps in between clients so that she can dispose of any waste from each appointment, disinfect and sanitise all surfaces as well as tools used. Emilie shall be thoroughly washing her hands
before and after each client using the NHS hand washing guidelines as well as using hand sanitiser in between.


If Emilie, anyone in her household or any one she has come in contact with shows any symptoms
or is awaiting test results she will follow NHS/Government guidelines. 


Emilie would like to thank you for your understanding, support, patience and co-operation during this challenging time.  She understands that these measures may feel 'extreme' to some but please do understand that your health and safety
is Emilie's number one priority and she would like to make your experience at Beauty by Emilie as safe as it possibly can be. Emilie looks forward to welcoming you back for some well deserved, much needed and long awaited pampering!

If you do have any questions or concerns please do not hesitate to get in touch.


Thank you again,

Beauty by Emilie