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There a range of almost 200 colours
to choose from with plenty of different finishes; glitter, shimmer, metallic, magnetic, matte and more!

Gel polish lasts for 2-3 weeks and provides a beautiful glossy shine with full colour and is instantly dry! 
Halo Gel Polish is both cruelty free and vegan.

As a standard all gel polish treatments 

include a basic manicure; thorough cuticle tidy, nail trimming and/or shaping and prep. 

Fingers or Toes

Fingers & Toes



If you love the durability of acrylic nails
then you'll love dip powder nails! 
(Often known as SNS)
There are over 50 colours to choose from!

Dip Powder on Natural Nails

Dip Powder Extensions

Dip Powder on Natural Nails - Removal & Reapply


Dip Powder Extensions - Removal & Reapply


BIAB (Builder in a Bottle)

BIAB is a thick gel applied over the natural nail or tips.
It provides a stronger structure to the nail and protects them from everyday wear and tear. It's a great option if you have weak or brittle nails and are looking to grow them.

BIAB doesn't need to be removed each time, only an infill is required therefore is gentler on the nails.

Gel polish colour can applied over the top or you can opt for a more natural look by just having the clear top applied on top.

BIAB Overlay on Natural Nails

BIAB on Short Tips/Extensions

BIAB Infills

BIAB Removal


.Nail Art
50p - £1.00 per nail
Includes loose glitters, gems, sequins, stamping, hand painted nail art.

If you'd like nail art added to your appointment please specify  at the time of booking as extra time may be needed.

Please see Pre-Treatment and Aftercare Advice for Nails.

I do not remove other nail technician's work.
This is due to not knowing which product was used, the condition on your nails underneath
and for insurance purposes.

If you arrive with another tech's work on I will not be able to treat you and you will unfortunately lose any deposits paid. I reserve the right to charge for the full treatment due to loss of business.

Please have any work removed before coming to your nail appointment to prevent any charges. 
Thank you. 


Treat your hard working hands
to a well deserved pamper. 

Express Manicure  £20.00
with Gel Polish     £26.00

Cuticle treatment & tidy, nail file & trim, nourishing hand treatment cream and polish to finish with (optional) 

Mini Manicure £15.00
cuticle tidy, nail shape, finished with nourishing and treatment cream & cuticle oil.

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