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Why should I book you for my wedding makeup?
As a makeup artist and beauty therapist with 7 years of experience, I understand just how important it is to look and feel your best in your day-to-day life so your wedding day is the one day that you should experience this.  I am a strong believer that wedding makeup should enhance your natural beauty and not mask it. We are all unique, therefore makeup should reflect your personality and style. I take extra care and time to listen and understand your wants and needs, whether it's more traditional and natural makeup or maybe something a little more glam. I give my professional and expert suggestions on how a look will work best for you based on your preferences, skin type, skin tone, hair colour and eye colour etc - ensuring that you feel comfortable, confident and beautiful every step of the way, on your special day.

Why is it recommended to have a trial?
By having a trial and discussion before your wedding, you will be able to relax and feel at ease that you'll know what to expect on the day. It's one thing less to think about in the lead-up and everything is more likely to run smoothly on your special day.

When should I book a trial?
At a minimum, this should be done at least 2 months before your wedding day but the choice is completely yours. With the wonderful world of Pinterest, our minds and personal style can constantly change so by going for this timeframe you may be more certain it's what you'd like, additionally, you will hopefully have your outfit, hairstyle, wedding colour scheme and theme sorted or at least an idea in mind - these can all play a big part in the type of makeup look you'd like.

How do I prepare for my trial?
I suggest collecting some makeup reference images and sending them to me in an email so that I have an idea of which style you'd like. I also highly recommend exfoliating 2 days before your trial and ensuring you have a great daily skincare routine which consists of exfoliating 1-2 times a week, cleansing, toning & moisturising morning and night.
As I always say..."Great looking makeup starts with well-cared-for skin."

Which brands does you use in your kit?
All of the products I use in my kit are cruelty free and some are also vegan.
I use Mario Badescu, First Aid Beauty, Facetheory and Simple skincare along with makeup brands such as; Charlotte Tilbury, Anastasia Beverly Hills, Natasha Denona, Viseart, Laura Mercier, Urban Decay, RCMA, Inglot and many more.

I have a large wedding party, how many can you manage on your own?
Ultimately, it depends on which time you all need to be ready and which time you'd like to start getting ready. I have done a bridal party of 8 before which started at 5:00am to have everyone ready for 1:00pm. If you require makeup for more than 6, I may be able to source an additional Makeup Artist. Depending on the look you'd like, I like to allow 1 hour and 5 minutes for each person and also allowing extra time after everyone is dressed for any touch-ups.

Where does the trial take place?
The trial can be done at the salon or wherever is convenient for you. It is worth baring in mind that I usually work in at the salon Tuesday - Saturday with my beauty clients so if you require me to travel to you, it is always recommended to book trials at least 2 months in advance.

Can I try more than one look during my trial?
You can of course try multiple looks but I recommend deciding on just 2 looks which are similar to each other that can be tweaked
e.g. made darker, different lip colour otherwise it can lead you to a lot of confusion. It's also not ideal to keep removing makeup and re-applying as it can affect the way the makeup sits on the skin. I recommend that you book another trial if you'd like to try an entirely different look.

Does everyone in my wedding party need a trial?
I recommend that at least one other person from your wedding party has a trial such as a bridesmaid. There won't be any extra time on the day of your wedding to experiment or discuss different looks so this will ensure I bring all of the correct products with me so everything runs as smoothly as possible.

If you aren't having trials, I will need clear image references for each of your wedding party members along with specific descriptions e.g. this, but with less eyeliner so I have a clear idea of what they'd like and I am able to discuss this with you prior. Having trials done together is such a lovely and fun way to enjoy all of the wedding planning too - why not book the trials for a time when you have somewhere special to go such as your hen-do or make some plans for after your trials!

How long should I allow for makeup on the day of my wedding?
Depending on how many in your wedding party and the looks required, I recommend 1 hour and 5 minutes for each person. I often start the bride in the middle or towards the end to ensure the makeup looks as fresh as possible but I also find the bride is normally enjoying watching everyone getting their hair and makeup done (and trying to stay calm!) and everything in between. Once you have secured your wedding date and times with me, I will send you a recommended schedule so you can ensure everything flows as you wish and know what to expect - you may wish to send this to your hair stylist, photographer or any other people who will be at your getting ready location. Planning every little detail is absolutely key! 

Example schedule based on a bridal party of 5 getting ready at the wedding venue with a 2pm wedding ceremony
Allowance of 1 hour 5 minutes per person.

6:50am - Arrival
7:00am - Bridesmaid 1's Makeup & Bridesmaid 2's Hair
8:05am - Bridesmaid 2's Makeup & Bridesmaid 4's Hair
9:10am - Bridesmaid 3's Makeup & Bride's Hair

10:15am - Bride's Makeup & Bridesmaid 3's Hair
11:20am - Bridesmaid 4's Makeup & Bridesmaid 1's Hair
12:30pm - Hair & makeup to be complete for bridal party to get dressed & photos
It's highly important to allow extra time for getting dressed, taking into considering how you get into your outfit and how long it takes to fasten, any other last minute tasks and photos. I like to have my bridal parties finished at least 1 hour before the ceremony but I do always recommend leaving even more time so you don't feel rushed and can get all the photos you'd like. 

Can you make me look exactly like the images I send?
Like any artist, I use all image references as inspiration only and I have my own style. It's worth baring in mind that a large majority of images on the internet are heavily edited and are made more dramatic for that "Instaglam" look. Textured skin is perfectly normal and nothing to be ashamed of - no one has naturally airbrushed skin and that is perfectly ok!


How much do you charge for wedding makeup?

For current prices and to receive a quote, please see here.

How should I prepare for my skin for makeup?
Great skin is absolutely key. Drink plenty of water, avoid caffeinated and sugary drinks/food. If you are wanting to try new skincare products or treatments it is highly advised to try them 3 months before your wedding to ensure your skin gets used to them and to avoid any possible flare ups. On the lead up to your wedding, you should gently exfoliate once a week, use cleanser, toner and moisturiser both day and night using products that are appropriate for your skin type. I can advise the best way to prepare your skin based on your skin type and any concerns you may have if you wish.

If I bring my own makeup, can you use it?
The products I use are of high quality and professional, designed to last all day and work in harmony with photography and film. Products containing SPF can create flashback in photos and may make your skin look very pale as a result - quite often foundations contain this. I am more than happy to use your own lip colour but if there are any other products of your own that you'd like me to use, please enquire with me well in advance.

Why do you charge more for makeup on the day of the wedding?
On the day of the wedding, I don't take on any other bookings or make any plans in my personal life so that I can solely focus on your wedding ensuring that I don't feel rushed and likewise, it doesn't make you feel rushed. More often than not, I am required to arrive to you 'out of hours' therefore, the 'extra' charge helps to cover my time for this also.  Furthermore, this cost also covers my time for staying to do the all-important finishing touch-ups and quite often, helping my brides get into their dresses.

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