Why book Emilie for your wedding makeup?
As a makeup artist and beauty therapist, Emilie understands how important it is to not only look, but also feel your best every single day therefore on your wedding day it is the one day that Emilie wants you
to experience this. Emilie is a strong believer that wedding makeup should be about enhancing one's natural beauty and not mask it. We are all unique and have our own style, therefore makeup should reflect just that. She takes extra care and time to understand and listen to clients wants and needs, whether it's more traditional and natural makeup or maybe something a little more glam. She is also able to give professional suggestions on how a look will work best you based on your preferences, skin type, skin tone, hair colour and eye colour etc. 

It's absolutely crucial that your wedding day makeup stays put all day long and needs to not only look beautiful to the naked eye but also on camera therefore Emilie pays special attention to ensure this happens.

Why is it recommended to have a trial?
By having a discussion and trail prior to your wedding, you will be able to relax and feel at ease that you'll know what to expect. It's one thing less to think about on the lead up to your big day!

When should I book a trial?
At a minimum this should be done at least 2-4 months prior your wedding day but the choice is completely yours! With the wonderful world of Pinterest and the internet in general, our minds and personal style can change so by going for this timeframe you'll be more certain it's what you'd like plus, you would hopefully have your outfit and hair style sorted or at least an idea in mind at the very least!

How do I prepare for my trial?
Emilie suggests collecting some makeup reference images and sending them to her in an email so that she has an idea of which style you'd like.

Which brands does Emilie use in her kit?
Emilie uses Eve Taylor Skincare along with makeup brands such as; Charlotte Tilbury, Anastasia Beverly Hills, Urban Decay, Jeffree Star, P.Louise, Skindinvia, BECCA Cosmetics, Stila, RCMA, Inglot and Linda Hallberg.

I have a large wedding party, how many can Emilie manage on her own?
Ultimately, it depends on which time you all need to be ready by and which time you'd like to start getting ready. Emilie has worked on up to 8 people before but wouldn't recommend more than that as it can get pretty hectic. If you require makeup for more than 8 then Emilie may be able to source an additional Makeup Artist. Depending on the look you'd like, Emilie likes to allow 1 hour for each person with 10 minutes in between for cleaning and getting ready for the next. 

Where does the trial take place?
The trial can be done at either the salon or wherever is convenient for you. However, as Emilie is available for appointments at the salon Tuesday - Saturday she may not be able to travel to you due to pre-existing bookings therefore, booking in advance for Emilie to come out to you is always best. 

Can I try more than one look during my trial?
You can of course try multiple looks but Emilie recommends deciding on just 2 looks which are similar to each other that can be tweaked e.g. made darker, different lip colour otherwise it can lead you to a lot of confusion. It's not ideal to keep removing makeup and re-applying as it can effect the way the makeup sits on the skin. Emilie recommends that you book another trial if you'd like to an entire different look.

Does everyone in my wedding party need a trial?
Emilie does recommend at least one other person from your wedding party has their makeup done, for your peace of mind but also because there won't be extra time on the day of your wedding to experiment or discuss different looks - it also helps Emilie ensure she brings all of the suitable products with her.
At the very least Emilie recommends that you send image references for each of your wedding party members so she has a clear idea of what they'd like. Having trials together is a lovely and fun way to enjoy all of the wedding planning too - why not book the trials for a time when you have somewhere special to go or make plans on the day of your trial(s)!

How long should I allow for makeup on the day of my wedding?
Depending on how many in your wedding party, Emilie recommends 1 hour and 10 minutes for each. She often leaves the bride second-to-last or last to ensure the makeup lasts as long as possible but also because the bride is normally enjoying watching everyone getting their hair and makeup done (and trying to stay calm!) and everything in between. To give you a clearer idea of how the makeup schedule will run and so you can plan everything else around it such as your hair stylist. Emilie will send you a recommended schedule so you can ensure everything flows as you wish too - you may wish to send this to your hair stylist or any other people who will be there with you getting ready. Planning is absolutely key!